Beaver Loop Road Improvements and Pedestrian Pathway Project

Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  What is the scope of the project?

The basic scope of the project is to rehabilitate the existing 26-foot wide roadway to include two 12-foot wide travel lanes, 1-foot wide shoulders, new asphalt pavement, and a separated pathway. It’s been determined that all of these improvements can be accommodated and the design is moving forward.

  2.   Will turn lanes be added at Bridge Access Road and Kenai Spur Highway?

Yes.  Based on input we received from the public and results from our traffic analysis, right turn lanes are being added to Beaver Loop Road at both Bridge Access Road and Kenai Spur Highway.  Signals and left turn lanes are not recommended for the traffic volumes forecasted for the life of this project. 

  3.   Will the speed limit change?

The speed limit is not expected to change.

  4.   How much right of way needs to be acquired for the project?

The existing right of way is 100 feet. The project team worked hard to accommodate all of the proposed improvements (including the pathway) and existing utilities within the existing right of way.  There are just a couple of areas where additional public right of way will need to be acquired. In addition, temporary construction permits will be necessary to reconstruct driveways.

  5.  What is the estimated cost of the project?

The preliminary cost estimate is $15.4 million.  This estimate includes construction, design, right of way acquisition and utility relocations.  This estimate is expected to change as the design develops.

  6.   Will driveways along the project be reconstructed?

Yes. Driveways will be designed, reconstructed, and permitted in compliance with DOT&PF standards.

  7.   Will the right of way be cleared and grubbed?

Yes.  The right of way will be cleared and grubbed to accommodate the proposed improvements and utility relocations.